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Sample questions

Завдання для 3-4 класів.

Завдання, що оцінюються в 1 бал.

1. Which of the following words goes with the indefinite article an?

a) Fox

b) Bed

c) Apple

d) Dog

e) City

2. Great Britain is …

a) A city

b) A river

c) A mountain

d) An island

e) A continent

Завдання, що оцінюються в 3 бали.

1. Which is an informal word for father?

a) Fan

b) Dan

c) Pal

d) Daddy

e) Dude

2. Big Ben is ….

a) A person

b) A meal

c) A big ship

d) A festival

e) A clock tower

Завдання, що оцінюються в 5 балів.

1. Which of the following is the ancient name of the British Capital?

a) Londrina

b) Lone Eagle

c) Londinium

d) Laudanum

e) Longer

2. Who established the city of London?

a) Greeks

b) Normans

c) Americans

d) Ukrainians

e) Romans

Завдання для 5-6 класів

Завдання, що оцінюються в 1 бал.

1. I have to do some sewing. Do you have a ...

a) pin

b) a needle

c) a tin-opener

d) compass

e) plug

2. What can’t shoes be?

a) heavy

b) narrow

c) tight

d) one size too small

e) one size too large

Завдання, що оцінюються в 3 бали.

1. If you shake hands with your new teacher, Mr. Bin, and want to sound very polite greeting him for the first time, the first phrase you’ll usually say is:

a) Hi!

b) How do you do, Mr. Bin?

c) I’m so happy to see you!

d) Dear Mr. Bin, I’m happy to meet you!

e) I’m glad to make your acquaintance!

2. Westminster Abbey is ...

a) a famous cemetery only

b) a famous shopping centre

c) a famous bridge

d) a famous church

e) a famous house of organ and chamber music

Завдання, що оцінюються в 5 балів

1. Choose the odd word out:

a) рenguin

b) goose

c) kiwi (not a fruit)

d) emu

e) ostrich

2. What is the sound produced by pigs:

a) Moo

b) Quack

c) Oink

d) Honk

e) Bow-wow

Завдання для 7-9 класів.

Завдання, що оцінюються в 1 бал

1. Choose the correct form of the word a, b, c, d, e. How long have you been looking for………?

a) employee

b) employer

c) employ

d) employment

e) employed

2. Add the correct prefix to complete the sentence. I can’t get my laces …..done. They are in a knot.

a) under-

b) un-

c) over-

d) out

e) in

Завдання, що оцінюються в 3 бали.

3. Idioms are widely used in the English Language. If you have your heart in the right place,

a) you are oversentimental

b) you are showing sympathy

c) you have good intentions

d) you tell openly what you think

e) you are brave

4. Which of these words can be related to the field of education: 1) widow; 2) best man 3) bachelor; 4) widower; 5) bride; 6) master

a) 2, 4

b) 3, 6

c) 1, 5

d) 1, 3

e) 2, 5

Завдання, що оцінюються в 5 балів

5. Shakespeare’s most famous plays were first performed at:

a) the Glory Theatre

b) the Globe Theatre

c) the Rose Theatre

d) the Royal Theatre

e) the London Theatre

6. In the USA the second-year college students are called:

a) juniors

b) seniors

c) freshmen

d) sophomores

e) high juniors

Завдання для 10-11 класів.

Завдання, що оцінюються в 1 бал.

1. Choose the correct answer for the following sentence: I didn’t know what to do but then an idea suddenly … to me.

a) hit

b) occurred

c) entered

d) happened

e) broke

2. Choose the phrase which means your approval:

a) I agree with you

b) I’m not sure

c) I doubt somehow

d) I don’t think the same

e) I can’t say

Завдання, що оцінюються в 3 бали.

1. Which of these variants given below would you use when you want to give an argument supporting your viewpoint discussing a problem of youth fashion with a British teenager?

a) That’s true…

b) I want to speak against…

c) I will give you the first argument…

d) I will persuade you…

e) I will prove to you…

2. The following is a list of different kinds of friends. Choose the most suitable in the sentence: She used to be George’s girl-friend. She is a(n) __________.

a) pen-pal

b) old flame

c) mate

d) acquaintance

e) bosom pal

Завдання, що оцінюються в 5 балів.

1. Which word means the opposite of handsome:

a) ugly…

b) dirty…

c) homely…

d) shocking…

e) disgusting…

2. Read the text below.

Susan was a very pretty girl, and her parents were rich. Quite a lot of the young men in the town wanted to marry her, but she was not satisfied with any of them. One evening, one of the handsomest of the young men who wanted to marry Susan came to visit her in her parents’ house and ask her to become his wife. She answered, ‘No, Henry, I won’t marry you. I want to marry a man who is famous, who can play music, sing and dance very well, who can tell really interesting stories, who does not smoke or drink, who stays at home in the evenings and who stops talking when I’m tired of listening’. The young man got up, took his coat and went to the door, but before he left the house, he turned and said to Susan: ‘It is not the man you are looking for, it is a television set’.

Which of the answers to the following question is correct? What did the young man who came to visit her think?

a) He believed that Susan really wanted a new television set.

b) He thought that she did not love him.

c) He believed that Susan really wanted to marry him.

d) He thought that she wanted to have children.

e) He thought that Susan had never accepted any of the men who wanted to marry her.